Al Jarreau to open the Bucharest Masters of Jazz Festival

The stage of Bucharest Masters of Jazz will also host Dianne Reeves, Five Peace Band – Chick Corea and John McLaughlin.

The Bucharest Masters of Jazz Festival, due to take place in Bucharest during October 23 – November 5, will be opened by an extraordinary concert performed by the great Al Jarreau, Media Services Events announces.

The unique vocal style of Al Jarreau and his innovations in the field of music turned him into one of the most appreciated music artists of our times. Al Jarreau started singing at the age of four, beside his brothers. In 1975, he was noticed by a talent scout from behalf of Warner Bros, while performing a recital at a Los Angeles Café.

His debut album – “We Got By” – was highly and unanimously praised by music experts.

Jarreau was also awarded a Grammy in Germany, for the Best International Solo Artist Category. A second Grammy came from Germany, as well, for the artist’s second album “Glow.”

In 1977, Jarreau attends his first World Tour and launches “Look to the Rainbow,” a double album featuring selections of this tour. In the same year, he won the first Grammy in the United States for being the Best Jazz Artist. His fourth album, “All Fly Home,” was launched in 1978, and brought Jarreau a second Grammy for being the Best Jazz Artist. It was followed by the record “This Time”, launched in 1980, and a further release sold in over one million copies – “Breakin’ Away.” They brought him an impressive number of fans and two more Grammy Awards for The Best Pop Artist and The Best Jazz Artist. After “Breakin’ Away” and “High Time,” Al Jarreau was officially recognized as international superstar. “Al Jarreau Live in London,” performed on the Wembley Arena in 1985, consolidated his reputation as a top artist. After this live album, Jarreau starts collaborating with the producer Nile Rodgers for the album “Is for Lover,” that brings new styles and sounds in the artist’s repertoire. All Jarreau composed the soundtrack of the famous TV series “Moonlighting” (that achieved great popularity in Romania under the name “Maddie and David,” editor’s note), and was also nominated for the Grammy Awards.


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