Dan Grigore and Misha Katz to open the Bucharest Arts Festival

The event will include a week of traditional and classical concerts, theatre, opera, operetta and visual arts.

The 2008 edition of the Bucharest Arts Festival is dedicated to music lovers and art fans who will be thus provided an opportunity to enjoy a week of traditional and classical music shows, theatre, opera and operetta performances, instrumental recitals and visual arts. The program of the festival will take place during November 2 – 9 and will be opened by the concert performed by the pianist Dan Grigore in the company of the Radio Orchestra conducted by Misha Katz.

The first privately sponsored Romanian festival intends to promote the Romanian culture, both by a historical perspective, represented by the traditional values, as well as the contemporary tendencies, the art movements and ideas of the latest decades.

The stages of the Bucharest cultural institutions (The National Operetta Theatre, The National Romanian Opera, The Radio Hall, The Palace Grand Hall and the Palace Chamber Hall) will host famous artists such as the great conductor Misha Katz, the pianist Dan Grigore, the Madrigal Chamber Choir, the musician and actor Tudor Gheorghe, the actor Florin Piersic, the violinist Alexandru Tomescu, the actor Dan Puric, the Romanian Patriarchy Choir, the National Radio Orchestra, the actor Dorel Visan and others. Moreover, the performance halls’ foyers will host photography, paintings and icons exhibitions. The President of the Festival, Mister Pepino Popescu, the Honorary President, the great actor Radu Beligan, as well as the Organizers’ Committee, including professionals of these cultural fields, decided that this ceremony of arts would take place biannually, offering the audience an opportunity to get acquainted and a thorough comprehension of the undoubtedly valuable traditional spiritual values.

The Bucharest Festival of Arts is organized by the Association for Romania’s European Future, the De Alvare Consulting Performance Agency and by the Maria Domina Cultural Association. The prices of the tickets range depending on the seat category, from RON 40 to 130 (the VIP category.) Customers may book their tickets on http://www.vreaubilet.ro, or book subscriptions for the shows to take place at the Palace Grand Hall. These subscriptions cost from RON 200 to 400, and pupils, students, as well as pensioners are offered great price cuts, so that a subscription for these categories would cost RON 80.

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