Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry


In the 70 years that he was with us, Freddie Hubbard, was

known primarily for one thing: playing the trumpet harder, faster

and with more pure chops than virtually anyone else who ever

picked up the horn. Hubbard was regaled as the most prolific, the

most prodigious, the most celebrated, and probably the longest-

lasting trumpet king of what came to be known as the hard bop

era, performing a style of jazz that has exerted a

disproportionately large influence on the young jazzmen of the

Marsalis generation and beyond.


We here at Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry appreciate the time and support that our listeners provide. In order for us to continue to bring the best of the best in jazz and poetic artistry, we need your feedback. After listening to the show, please visit our Guestbook to share your thoughts and reflections. We value what you have

to say and welcome your perspectives.
And as always, we look forward to continuing

to bring you the finest
jazz as poetic inspiration!

Clayton „Bigtrigger” Corley, Sr.
Spotlight On Jazz And Poetry


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