Mountain and roumanian village -Mihai Moiceanu’s photos


„The promise with the light”
Mihai Moiceanu was born in 1958. At the age of 16 he discovers that the images can embody into photography and thus he becomes an enthusiast of this art. Thus in parallel with the technical studies at the Transilvania University from Brasov he attends the courses of the Popular School of Arts, Cinematographic Art section.
In 1986 he gives up to the carieer of engineer becoming a professional photographer specializing in the industrial technical photography, without neglecting the artistic ways of expressing.
In 1988 he becomes a member of the Association of the Photographer Artists from Romania.
The closeness of the mountains and the passion for specific sports determine his artistic vision so bound to the men of these places. The photography, as well as the ulterior video productions, are centered on the light transfigured by the verticality, proper to the mountain landscape. The joining with the dynamism of the alpine sports makes the optimism inherent of his person to find that optimum of expression where the detail shows strength, joy, even there under an apparent silence the landscape would urge you on contemplation.
Since 1993 he is a production manager on a local broadcast from Brasov, where he carries out publicity production. In 1996 he becomes a producer of the show „Oxygen” – a weekly show about nature and extreme sports. That year also he receives the award of Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art – IFPA.
1999 is the year of the great turning point. He returns to photography as an independent photographer and becomes Excelency of IFPA – EIFPA.
Mihai Moiceanu is a brilliant presence in the gallery of the great professional photographers from Romania by his way of expressing, by the approached subjects, but especially by his great generosity of bounding people and places to light.”

Dan Iancu, Jan. 2002

Prize list: International Awards

– 28 prizes and over 300 participations in international contests
– 42 prizes and over 500 participations in national competitions
IFPA Excelency with Silver Rank

Personal Exhibitions

2003 Tg. Mures – Mountain and roumanian village
2004 Bucharest – Mountain and roumanian village
2004 Brasov – Mountain and roumanian village
2005 Sibiu- Mountain and roumanian village
2005 Bucharest – Patagonia the End of the Earth
2005 Craiova – Patagonia the End of the Earth
2005 Brasov – Patagonia the End of the Earth
2005 Oradea – IFAP Collection
2006 Berlin – An Exercise for Looking
2006 Nurnberg – An Exercise for Looking
2007 Barcelona – An Exercise for Looking
2007 Brasov – ALPIne Photography
2007 Craiova – ALPIne Photography
2007 Brasov – An Exercise for Looking
2008 Limassol – Brasov – An Exercise for Looking
2008 Brasov Himalaya – People and Mountains
2008 Craiova – Himalaya – People and Mountains
2008 Cluj – Himalaya – People and Mountains
2008 Targu Mures – Himalaya – People and Mountains
2009 Iasi – Himalaya – People and Mountains
2009 Brasov – ALPIne Photography

Group Exhibitions

2007 – Toulouse – Sky’s Seeds
2007 – Saint Die des Vosges (Franta) – Sky’s Seeds
2007 – Roma – Sky’s Seeds
2007 – Cork – Sky’s Seeds
2007 – Munchen – Sky’s Seeds
2008 – Gallway – Sky’s Seeds
2008 – Rabat – Sky’s Seeds

Published works

The Council of Europe, the „Earth in the year 2000” catalogue
IFPA – the „Earth 2000” catalogue
Insight Tarom
Banii nostri
Jurnalul National
Reader’s digest



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