A Conversation with Manfred Eicher

Producer and Founder of ECM Records

with critic and author Gary Giddins

Thursday, November 19


Don’t miss a rare opportunity to hear Manfred Eicher (Producer and Founder of ECM Records) in conversation with Gary Giddins (critic /author)


November 19th, Thursday, 6:30pm
Proshansky Auditorium
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Ave (at 34th St)
Information: 212.817.2005

Manfred Eicher founded ECM Records in 1969 specifically aiming to record jazz with great attention to sonic detail. Now 40 years later, the ECM catalog contains well over a thousand recordings of jazz, classical and world music from around the globe. The imprint is known for not only for the stellar musicianship of its roster and the clear, rich recorded sound, but also for remarkable artwork and graphics.
Gary Giddins is a critic and author widely recognized as a leading voice in jazz criticism.
In this second Jazz Legends and Legacies conversation, Gary Giddins speaks with Manfred Eicher about his distinguished work for ECM records, the state of the recording industry, and the future of jazz.


If you are not able to attend, please join in the discussion forum of all that is ECM in JazzCorner’s Speakeasy ECM forum

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