Celtic Rock with Blackbeers

The Blackbeers band will climb the stage again to offer a Celtic rock concert at the Actors’ Café in the Tineretului Park, on May 22, at 21:00, a release from the Romanian-Irish Cultural Association informs. After an over two years’ absence, the Celtic rock band Blackbeers attended with cheers this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, on March 17. Blackbeers is a band which stands out in the Romanian show-biz, a band who dares to be different. The five musicians obstinately pursue their passion for Irish rhythms. They play Celtic rock in Romania, even if this disqualifies them for the race of big selling bands. The band was founded in 1999 and began by playing traditional Irish music. From 2005, Blackbeers adopted Celtic rock, but in 2008 they took a temporary break from the musical life. This spring the band came back with a new make-up: Peter Moynahan – voice, guitar; Stike Molnar – flute, voice; Sebastian Nazarevscky – guitar; Doina Stan – violin; Alina Talos – voice; Adi Comorasu – bass and Razvan Staicut – drums.


Autor: shatenne

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