Green Hours International Jazz Fest – 2nd edition

Green Hours 22 jazz-café organizes the second edition of Green Hours International Jazz Fest, an independent cultural event initiated in May 2008, the first international festival organized by a club in Romania. GHIJFest – 2nd edition/ 2010, to take place between May 20 and 23 in Bucharest, in the Green Hours Garden in 120 Calea Victoriei, modernized especially for this event. The public will have the chance to watch four groups of exceptional European musicians, as well as four of the most valuable ensembles of Romanian jazz musicians. Artist-charge tickets may be purchased from the Green club. Admission to the concert is made every night starting 18:00.




Thursday, May 20


19:00 – Kusak/ Pop Urban Unit


20:30 – NIK BÄRTSCH’S RONIN: Holon


Friday, May 21


19:00 – Vlaicu Golcea & Midi OVERDOSE




Saturday, May 22


19:00 – Sorin Romanescu Project NEXT


20:30 – PAWEL KACZMARCZYK Audiofeeling band: Complexity and Simplicity


Sunday, May 23


19:00 – Iordache


20:30 – OMAR KLEIN TRIO: Introducing Omer Klein



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