Norwegian films screened in Bucharest event

Between October 27 and 29, Bucharest will host The Days of Norwegian Cinema at the Romanian Cultural Institute. Five iconic films will be screened with free public access, a press release from the organizers informs. The event is put together by The Royal Noway Embassy and ICR. Both films made in Norway and the new wave of Romanian cinema have a common trait in the fact that they have become quite popular and appreciated in international film festivals over the past years. The first Norwegian film which was fully acknowledged worldwide was Oscar nominated “Elling.”

The five selected films which will be screened in Bucharest are representative for the phenomenon called Norwave (the Norwegian new wave). Their screening will be preceded by a seminar at ICR moderated by Romanian critic Andrei Gorzo, having as main guest The Norwegian Film Institute’s representative Jan Erik Holst.


Among the selected films are 2008’s Mannen som elsket Yngve (The Man Who Loved Yngve) by Stian Kristiansen, based on a book of the same name by author Tore Renberg, “Upperdog” (2009), by Sara Johnsen, a vibrant comedy that was

well received by the public and “Det største I verden” (The Greatest Thing) (2001), byThomas Robsahm. Of course, “Elling” could not be absent from this list. This 2001 made film is primarily based on Ingvar Ambjørnsen’s novel Brødre i blodet (“Blood brothers”, 1996), one of a series of four featuring the Elling character, a man in his 40s, who struggles to function normally in society. He suffers from anxiety, dizziness, and neurotic tendencies, preventing him from living on his own. Elling has lived with his mother for his entire life, and when his mother dies, the authorities take him from the apartment where he has always lived and send him to an institution. His roommate there is the simpleminded, sex-obsessed Kjell Bjarne. The Norwegian government pays for the two to move into an apartment in Oslo, where every day is a challenge as they must prove they can get out into the real world and lead relatively normal lives. With the help of social worker Frank and a few new friends, they learn to break free from their respective conditions. “Elling” has been released in several languages and has also received one Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film

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