6th Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2012

6th Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2012

For BANDS and VOCALISTS of all nationalities

Date: 12-19 May 2012

Place: Bucharest, Romania

100% jazz & more…competition, jam sessions, workshops…

Bucharest International Jazz Competition, organized by jmEvents, is a singular event on the professional Romanian jazz scene, but also in the entire South Eastern Europe. It is addressed to bands and vocalists aged up to 35 years, and its mission is to contribute to the acknowledgment of the Romanian and international jazz values.

Eligibility: Bands may have up to 6 performing musicians:

  • ·instrumentalists and vocalists
  • ·instrumentalists
  • ·vocalists

Age limit: Applicants must be born after 1st of May 1977.

Registration deadline: February 10, 2012—date of postmark

Prizes: The total amount is 7.000 Euro, cash and concerts.



PO Box 13-63, Bucharest 13

Phone: +40 740 759 566

Fax: +40 21 323 66 00





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