The first “Sergiu Celibidache” Festival


The first “Sergiu Celibidache” Festival will be held in Bucharest, May 3 – July 7, marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the celebrated Romanian conductor, according to a media release. The main events at the “Sergiu Celibidache 100” Festival in Romania, a biennial event, include a number of masterclasses taught by exceptional instrumentalists among whom Ida Haendel, Helmut Nicolai, Dorin Mar, Michael Martin Kofler, Wolfgang Gaag, Rony Rogoff and Enrique Garcia Asensio.The Festival also includes a photograph exhibition – “Excerpts from the Life of Maestro Sergiu Celibidache” as well as film projections among which “Celibidache’s Garden”, a documentary made by the conductor’s son, “Don’t Do Anything, Let It Evolve”, a film by Jan Schmidt-Garre and “Documentary about Sergiu Celibidache”, a TVR Media co-production. The films will be shown at Grand Cinema Multiplex in Baneasa. Book launches – “About the phenomenology of music” and “Celibidache. Rencontres avec un home extraordinaire” <”Celibidache. Encounters with an extraordinary man”> by Patrick Lang and Stephane Muller, will complement the string of festival events. Also part of the festival, concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum performed by international artists, former students, and Romania’s best orchestras. The festival will also be the venue for the world premiere of “A Smile in the face of adversity” by Sergiu Celibidache. Unesco declared year 2012 as the Celibidache Year. The festival is organized under the patronage of Romania’s president, in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall.



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