Some thoughts on the aesthetics of ruination

Travis G. Parno

I’ve been thinking lately about a recent (and excellent) post about the politics and archaeology of so-called „ruin porn” by Paul Mullins.  In his entry, Mullins delves into the contemporary fascination with ruins and ruination, particularly as it is expressed in art photography.  He outlines the critiques of approaches that sensationalize and aestheticize ruins, using these discussions to explore the underlying politics of documenting, and indeed relishing, the traces of ruination.   Mullins thoughtfully probes the label „ruin porn,” arguing that although such photography may be guilty of fetishization, it shouldn’t be rejected outright.  He instead maintains that, „any photograph is a selective representation of reality that cannot hope to capture concrete experience. Pornography does at least visually own up to its desires.”

Mullins’ post is thought-provoking and offers an exciting look into an extremely contemporary debate.  As our economy continues to muddle along, we have become increasingly familiar with the…

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