Walking on the streets

Graffiti Team 140 Ideas Illustrates Life on City Streets


140 Ideas is a graffiti team made up of four Bulgarian street artists; Yeto, Teleto, Jermain and Flak. The four artists, whose styles are distinctly different from each others’, decided to collaborate and merge their artistic talents to create collage-style graffiti and street art murals. The group now travels together, creating art for graffiti competitions, galleries and commissions.


In each piece of 140 Ideas’ graffiti, the different artists’ styles are apparent. Realism and surrealism merge with graphic designs and cartoon illustrations in a way that allows each art style to complement the others. The artistic collaboration allows each artist to express their personal style while building a finished product out of shared ideas, which is no mean feat. Artistic collaborations don’t always work out – especially with a large group of artists, yet with 140 Ideas; it appears that the graffiti team has found a way to create art that isn’t just not disjointed; there is a strong relationship between every element within the paintings.


The team’s finished art works could be labelled as “pop surrealism” with its cartoonish, surrealistic styling and the frequent personification of animals, yet the inclusion of illustration and graphic design styles draw the team away from the label of pop surrealism. Together, they have created a style that doesn’t quite fit into any specific genre. Their style is completely their own, and therefore incredibly valuable to the art world at large.


Join 140 Ideas on Facebook for updates from the artists, or take a look at their website for more graffiti and fine art pictures.







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