Syria – Homo homini lupus

50000000Iaroslav Jindra’s album – Syria, Homo homini lupus:

„Dog eat dog-little visualization from former agency colleagues for the Thai Internet Mudrlanty who from the comfort of your home or office wondering on why the Syrians (and Others) stay home rather, why travel illegally without a visa and even (imagine!) Even without a passport, and why on the long journey you get as far as the strongest and itself and the richest. Oh, and they said they could have a disease and what if it caught our kids… And who knows, maybe it’s between them hidden terrorist, so chop chop, go write on Facebook „shoot is”, „let them die”, „pity the dead bodies in the truck wasn’t more”, ” I saw the second cut heads off (well, actually rather see how ” They ” are řezány heads)” „manipulating pictures”, „why don’t order ourselves”, „are incompatible with us”, ” these kids I’m sorry, but..”. Why is it that for this kind of agency photos is in Czech media place? That are too drink? Life is natural, and death as well…” Journalist




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